Journal and analyze your trades,

identify and correct mistakes.

Become a Better Trader

with the Trades Analyzer!


Become consistently profitable

Create a Trading Plan for your unique risk tolerance and personality

Stay calm and relaxed during a trade - follow your trading plan

Analyze logged data to reflect on what went well and what did not

Find your statistical winning edge

Optimize trade management

Decrease drawdown periods

Statistically analyze your psychology and identify weaknesses

Develop discipline

Re-wire your subconscious for winning mindset

Treat trading like a professional

Trading Plan

Review the sample trading plan template

Customize to create your own personalized plan

Set your goals

Define your limits

Strategies and setups

Translate your trading patterns and habits into trading strategies

Define trading strategies into a series of checklist rules

Forward test the defined strategies

Track your adherence to the strategy checklist rules

Tweak when necessary based on acquired analytics

Trading Journal

Enter your trade ideas and important notes

Log emotions, reasoning for a trade, SL and TP

Select one of your defined strategies

Mark the strategy entry rules that were observed

Import trade execution data from your broker files

Imported data will be matched with the logged trade ideas

Review and update journal entries as needed

Review and grade your trades

Trading Performance Analisys

Track portfolio growth on yearly, quarterly and monthly basis

Analyze P&L, Day Performance and Trade Distribution graphs

Analyze by outcome, direction, emotions, reward to risk ratio
(RRR) and other metrics

Compare the performance of each strategy side by side

Track cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and equity options

Track performance in multiple base currencies

Identify and track psychological impacts on your trades

Additional Trades Analyzer Features

  • Intuitive, easy to use
  • Paper account and multiple custom portfolios
  • Monitor multiple metrics on multiple broker accounts
  • Review daily performance summary across all portfolios
  • Review Trade History to easily manage current trades
  • Track portfolios in multiple base currencies
  • Track cryptocurrency trades and investments
  • Holding time analysis
  • Annualized P&L
  • “Plan your trade and trade your plan”

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Trades Analyzer is an online trading journal that includes trading plan, money management, journaling and trade analysis. It is a bundle of important trading tools a trader must have in order to become consistently profitable.

If you would like to try these tools and features you may sign up as a beta tester. While you will get free access to the basic free tools and features you also will get unrestricted access to new features that are still being developed and tested. You will be able to request additional features that you may want to see in the tools.